Tuesday, August 26, 2008

OutTakes: Million-Dollar Baby

When I'm working on a tight word count, so much "good stuff" doesn't make it into my articles and columns. Here are some quotes from the women featured in the column Million-Dollar Baby that I thought you might find interesting.

Sandy Corso, 41, founder and CEO of Peaceful Company in Madison, Connecticut...

If you had to distill advice down to three concrete actionable business tips to give another woman business owner in terms of taking her business to the next level, what would you tell her?


1 – Follow your passion and success will follow.

2 - Believe, Behave, Become

If you believe it, behave as if it is true, you will become it!

3 - You must be comfortable with uncertainty.

ME: What is the best thing about the business success you've had to date? What is the greatest challenge?
Sandy: I guess validation. It is one thing to have a dream and it is certainly another when your dreams come true and you are a million dollar company. In the beginning I had a grand idea of owning a nice company, that was cool and hip but also gave back to the world and was extremely successful. We have reached that goal. I am a free spirit and being my own boss is pretty cool.

Yael Nina Alkalay, 39, founder and president of eco-luxury fragrance and spa product company, red flower...

When did you hit the $1 million mark in revenues? What do you remember about what was happening in the life of your company at that time and what do you think made a difference to become a million dollar company?
YAEL: In 2000. A million dollar mark was not a clear goal I had in mind as an important benchmark. In personal care the real target is 10 m. that mark requires strong management and systems. In 2000 the company was really running on the high, raw energy of starting successfully out of the gate.
ME: Why do you think you founded such a successful company, that is, what qualities do you think you have that had an impact on the company's growth?
YAEL: I am not comfortable with the words “such a successful company”, I have started a company that is growing and profitable and holds deep meaning for the people who work and partner with us, and also for each of the customers for whom red flower adds something to their lives. The quality that has held me in best stead is respect, followed shortly thereafter by flexibility and a deep desire to contribute something positive to our team and our customers. Basically, I truly care.

Patty Brisben, 52, founder of Pure Romance....

ME: How have you changed as a CEO or president over time as your company has experienced such immense growth?

PATTY: I’ve let go of the things that I thought were important and focused on the things that make us money – namely, the things that I love and that I’m the best at; I also learned how to delegate various aspects of the company to other people. That allowed me to concentrate on my strengths and passion such as training our Consultants, growing our Health Education Department and developing high quality products.

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What do YOU think it takes to have a million dollar business?